AirDroid – Fully control your phone on computer

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AirDroid is an application that allows you to manage and control Android and iOS smartphones through a client or a web browser on your computer and wireless network, developed by Sand Studio from China. It can manipulate your phone’s address book, transfer files, upgrade apps, and receive/send SMS and emails remotely and in real time. Although it’s almost functionally indistinguishable from other similar applications, thanks to its B/S architecture, it has no operating system limitations (i.e. it’s cross-platform), which is a boon for Mac and Linux users.

First, AirDroid’s user interface is clean, intuitive and friendly, and it’s detail-oriented, and perfectly supports Unicode. Second, it has a great account login experience. Users can login account with a popular pass such as Google ID, or they can open a client and scan the QR code on a page to log in. If you’re in a Wi-Fi environment, you can also connect directly and quickly over a LAN. Even better, its connection/access speed is likely to beyond your expectation. You hardly feel like you’re operating a phone remotely, but rather like operating a local OS running on the Web.

AirDroid can completely replace almost any PC-side mobile phone management software. Simply put, with AirDroid in hand, you don’t need any PC-end programs like mobile assistant from official site or third-party developers, don’t need to use a cable to connect the phone to a computer, and you don’t need to install drivers for mobile devices on a computer. Instead, all you need to do is just open a web page.

// Key Features //

Files Transfer
  • AirDroid supports transferring all kinds of files in different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile device, on the same network and even remotely.
  • Send music, video, photo, gif, apk, link and all kinds of files you would like to transfer.
Remote access and control ( root NOT required )
  • Complete remote access and control of your Android devices from Windows, Mac OS, wireless and without rooting.
  • Provides secure screen sharing, phone screen recording.
  • Remote camera feature can help you see through the lens of both front and back cameras, monitor the environment around the device in real-time.
SMS & Contacts management
  • Receive, reply and send SMS messages via AirDroid PC desktop client and Web AirDroid.
  • Managing messages and contact stored on your phone.
Notification Mirror
  • Mirror phone notifications from any allowed apps to your computer. Reply to mobile messages (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line and Kik) from desktop clients.
Make and Answer calls via PC
  • Web AirDroid provide incoming calls review function which allow you accept or reject calls by clicking the mouse. Review missed calls.
  • Dialpad even allow you make calls via PC.
Backup & Sync
  • Backup photos and videos from phone to computer.
  • Share clipboard between phone and computer.
Other phone management features (Web client only)
  • Find phone: locate your phone when it’s lost.
  • Apps & Media: manage photos, ringtones and videos, upload, install and uninstall apks remotely

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Android 4.0+

// Prompts //

  • This software is not free any more, and adds many function/traffic limitations to the so-called free version, that’s why it has been blacklisted.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware Latest n/a

(Homepage | Google Play)

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