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[v6.7] Syncios – Best iTunes alternative tool

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iTunes has clearly become an overdeveloped piece of junk software. Because it integrates so many unpractical functions, and the consequences are obvious: has extremely slow startup speed, takes up a lot of hard disk space, and consumes a lot of system resources. If you’ve fed up with official software like iTunes, too, then try Syncios, a third-party solution that lets you easily manage all kinds of data from a variety of iOS devices on your PC.

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[v3.5] TeraCopy – Reliable large file copying/moving accelerator

Now, the size of the HD movie or game is bigger and bigger, be a file more than 10 GB easily, let alone download, even if copying/moving on PC is a very time-consuming thing! Together with the popularity of large capacity mobile HDD and Flash disk, this is a very excruciating thing for those who needs to copy large files regularly, just have to look at the progress bar move slowly.

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[v4.2.3] ES File Explorer – Powerful way to manage your local/remote files on Android

In my opinion, there are only two best root file explorer/manager apps on Android platform: one is Root Explorer, the other is ES File Explorer. If have to arrange their positions, I’d like to put ES File Explorer in the second place, although I like its FTP client and remote manager functionalities very much, as well as its more user-friendly UI design. Anyway, now we’re going to simply have a look at ES File Explorer.

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AirDroid – Fully control your phone on computer

AirDroid is an application that allows you to manage and control Android and iOS smartphones through a client or a web browser on your computer and wireless network, developed by Sand Studio from China. It can manipulate your phone’s address book, transfer files, upgrade apps, and receive/send SMS and emails remotely and in real time. Although it’s almost functionally indistinguishable from other similar applications, thanks to its B/S architecture, it has no operating system limitations (i.e. it’s cross-platform), which is a boon for Mac and Linux users.

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[v8.61] Skype – Best free VOIP and video/audio chatting tool

Skype is currently the world’s most popular free HD instant messaging software (and VoIP) for all kinds of desktop and mobile platforms. Low system resource requirement, high-quality voice communication and high stability have won its hundreds of millions of users around the world. After acquired by Microsoft in 2011, it became an independent department of Microsoft. And in 2013, if finally replaced Microsoft’s own instant messaging tool MSN. In 2014, it released an embedded web version.

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[v3.7] Live Chat – Self-hosted live support chat solution without monthly fees

Live Chat (AKA: Live Support Chat) is a PHP-based online chat customer support system developed by JAKWEB from Switzerland. It has a beautifully designed user interface, simple and practical functions, and can assign customers participating in the chats to a department or designated customer service representative for reception. With its help, we can build our own customer support system so as to facilitate communications with our own customers.

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