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One thing’s for sure – this collection post of AppNee is the only giant collection of e-books that you can find for Python on the Internet. All eBooks are high-definition, without any watermark. And this post will be maintained and updated by AppNee all the time.

These Python related eBooks cover data mining, artificial intelligence, network programming and many other fields, and the content is broad and comprehensive. Even better, most of them are the high-definition, full-color and editable edition in PDF, EPUB, AZW3, or DjVu formats. Plus, many of them are classic books on Python in various disciplines and fields. Of course, some of these books may be easy to find, but others are harder to get. Anyway, after AppNee handled and enhanced it, everything gets easier now.

To this end, AppNee has spent a lot of time and energy on collecting and organizing these Python books, with nearly 700 books collected so far (but they can show up only after we clean up the watermarks one by one). I hope they will provide some convenience for Python enthusiasts around the world, and save their time and effort spent on searching around and collecting eBooks. Due to the large number of books, AppNee chose to package all the books in the first wave of release together, and then distribute all supplemental ebooks separately, one by one (rather than being added into the previous ones). Finally, please note that all books are for communication and learning only. The copyright belongs to their original authors, and they are all strictly prohibited for any commercial purposes.

// All Books List //

Wave One
  • Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies
  • Beginning Python Using Python 2.6 and Python 3.1
  • Beginning Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Black Hat python
  • Building Django 2.0 Web Applications
  • Coding Games in Python
  • Coding Projects in Python
  • Core Python Programming, Second Edition
  • Cracking Codes with Python
  • Data Analysis from Scratch with Python
  • Data Structures & Algorithms in Python
  • Data Wrangling with Python
  • Deep Learning with Python
  • Django RESTful Web Services
  • Doing Math With Python
  • Elements of Programming Interviews in Python
  • Expert Python Programming, Second Edition
  • Expert Python Programming
  • Flask Web Development, 2nd Edition
  • Foundations of Python Network Programming
  • Fundamentals of Python – Data Structures
  • Gray Hat Python
  • Hacking with Python
  • Hands-On Python
  • Head First Python, 2nd Edition
  • High Performance Python
  • Introducing Python
  • Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Python
  • Introduction to Programming with Python
  • Introduction to Python for Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Kivy – Interactive Applications and Games in Python, Second Edition
  • Learn Python in One Day and Learn It Well
  • Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python
  • Learning Python Network Programming
  • Learning Python, 4th_Edition
  • Learning Python
  • Learning Robotics using Python, Second Edition
  • Learning Robotics Using Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Mastering Python for Data Science
  • Mastering Python Networking, Second Edition
  • Modern Tkinter for Busy Python Developers
  • Natural Language Processing with Python
  • Numerical Computing with Python
  • Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python 3
  • OpenCV – Computer Vision Projects with Python
  • OpenCV 3 Computer Vision with Python Cookbook
  • Practical Machine Learning with Python
  • Practical Python Design Patterns
  • Pro Python System Administration
  • Professional Python Frameworks
  • Programming for Computations – Python
  • Python – Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence
  • PYTHON – Easy Python Programming for Beginners
  • Python & Algorithms 2.0
  • Python 2.6 Graphics Cookbook
  • Python 3 for Absolute Beginners
  • Python 3 Object Oriented Programming
  • Python 3 Tutorial Point
  • Python Algorithms
  • Python and Tkinter Programming
  • Python Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners
  • Python Cookbook
  • Python Crash Course
  • Python Data Analysis
  • Python Data Analytics
  • Python Data Science Handbook
  • Python Data Visualization Cookbook, Second Edition
  • Python Deep Learning
  • Python for Data Analysis, 2nd Edition
  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Python For Dummies
  • Python for Everybody
  • Python for Finance
  • Python for Unix and Linux System Administration
  • Python GUI Programming Cookbook
  • Python How to Program
  • Python Machine Learning Cookbook
  • Python Machine Learning, Second Edition
  • Python Machine Learning
  • Python Natural Language Processing
  • Python Playground
  • Python Programming – An Introduction to Computer Science, 2nd Edition
  • Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, Third Edition
  • Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner
  • Python Programming
  • Python Robotics Projects
  • Python The Complete Manual
  • Python Tricks – The Book
  • Python Tutorial
  • Python Unlocked
  • Python Web Penetration Testing Cookbook
  • Python Web Scraping Cookbook
  • Python Web Scraping, Second Edition
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Sams Teach Yourself Python Programming for Raspberry Pi in 24 Hours
  • Statistics and Machine Learning in Python
  • Teach Your Kids to Code
  • The Python Book 1
  • The Python Book 2
  • Think Python, 2nd Edition
  • Violent Python
  • Web Programming with Python (Django)
  • Web Scraping with Python, 2nd Edition
  • A Practical Introduction to Python Programming
  • AI with Python
  • An introduction to Python for absolute beginners
  • Artificial Intelligence with Python
  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
  • Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame
Wave Two

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First Wave
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Second Wave


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