[v7.22, v7.10] Bandizip – Small, powerful, fast and universal file compressor/decompressor

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File compression/decompression type of software is one of the indispensable tools on any computer. Since WinRAR beat WinZip and became the must-have tool for most PC users a long time ago, its usability and functionality have been naturally self-evident. Although the function is not as rich as WinRAR, but 7-Zip has become the de facto industry leader due to its free, open-source, ultra-high compression rate, and other powerful features. But now there’s a new favorite in the compression software domain – Bandizip.

Bandizip is a completely-free (now only for Windows), cross-platform, clean, fast and small file archive manager developed by Bandisoft (you may have known its well-known screen capture tool Bandicam at AppNee) from Korea. After WinRAR, the user interface and functions of almost all file archiving software are very similar. The reason that Bandizip can be included and recommended by AppNee is not only because it is free and looks better than 7-Zip, but more is because it pays much attention and effort to the details of its functional design.

Bandizip has very fast compression and decompression algorithms, supports the creation and extraction of a wide range of compressed file formats (especially including the currently most commonly used 3 ones: ZIP, RAR and 7Z), supports multi-part archive, encrypted compression, drag & drop operation, multi-core compression, high-speed compression, supports for multiple languages and Unicode characters (therefore there will be no garbled words in this software), allows to generate self-extracting EXE format file, and so on. In short, its features are even better than many paid tools of its type!

Most notably, Bandizip allows user to quickly preview many familiar formats of files (especially pictures) within an archive package directly from the right-click menu (without having to double click the files or extract them out first). For those of guys who like to collect image materials, wallpapers and have a lot of compressed packages, this picture preview function is really convenient to an extreme! Because that means not only do you not have to troublesomely uncompress the files out first when you’re looking for some materials, but also that does save you a lot of disk space and a large amount of waiting time for this.

// Key Features //

  • Supported OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10 (x86/x64/ARM64)
  • License: Freeware (EULA)
  • All-inclusive compression/decompression/browsing/editing Archiver
  • Extraction for 30+ formats, including: RAR/RAR5/7Z/ZIP
  • Compressing an archive with password and multi-volume
  • Fast compression with multi-core
  • File integrity check test to ensure whether an archive is damaged or not
  • Supports Code-page change features
  • Explorer/Finder shell menu integration
  • Password Manager
  • Repair Archive
  • Password Recovery
  • Image Preview in Archive
  • Antimalware Scan on Archive

for Compression:

  • ZIP file modification (add/delete/rename)
  • Up to 6 times faster compression using multi-core
  • Encrypted archive creation
  • Supports AES256 encryption algorithm
  • Supports compression of 4GB+ size files
  • Unicode or MBCS filename for ZIP format
  • Multi-volume archive creation of ZIP/7z format

for Decompression:

  • Easy view of an archive’s file list
  • Extraction of selected files only. Also supports drag & drop
  • Availability of ZIP & RAR format archive comment
  • One-step extraction of TGZ/TBZ formats

// Supported Archive Formats //

Compression Decompression
  • ZIP
  • 7Z (lzma2)
  • ZIPX (xz)
  • EXE (sfx)
  • TAR
  • TGZ
  • LZH (lh7)
  • ISO (joliet)
  • GZ
  • XZ
  • 7Z
  • ACE
  • AES
  • ALZ
  • ARJ
  • BH
  • BIN
  • BZ
  • BZ2
  • CAB
  • Compound (MSI)
  • EGG
  • GZ
  • IMG
  • ISO
  • ISZ
  • LHA
  • LZ
  • LZH
  • LZMA
  • PMA
  • RAR
  • RAR5
  • SFX (EXE)
  • TAR
  • TBZ
  • TBZ2
  • TGZ
  • TLZ
  • TXZ
  • UDF
  • WIM
  • XPI
  • XZ
  • Z
  • ZIP
  • ZIPX
  • ZPAQ

// Universal Product Keys //

For License Email address Product key
v7.02 Enterprise Edition [email protected] 20991231-ENT000002-0E34A52561-166371E0
v7.10 Enterprise Edition 20380808-ENT000002-0E34A52561-166371E0
Professional Edition 20380808-PRO0BFAEBFDAE23C425E-173E2DF1

*** Professional Edition requires an Internet connection for a registration; Enterprise Edition provides an offline registration, not requiring an Internet connection.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Bandizip Enterprise/Professional Edition multilingual full installers and unlocked files, all versions universal product keys for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as retail full installers and pre-activated versionsfor Mac.

// Installation Notes //

for v7.02+ Enterprise on Windows:

  1. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  2. Install Bandizip with the universal product key above
  3. Done

// Prompts //

  • The official provides a portable version of Bandizip, but the portable version does not support the picture preview function in the package, and there is no context menu. So I recommend that you use the setup version instead on your own computer.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Windows
Standard Edition (free) Latest Setup | Portable n/a
Enterprise Edition v7.10 8.99 MB
Professional Edition v7.22 6.78 MB
for Mac
Pre-Activated v7.10 31.4 MB


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