[v2.2.6, v1.0.5] BeDrive – Create your own multi-user and multi-server file hosting

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There are many file sharing programs on the Internet, but it turns out that they are almost the same in many aspects in comparison, and only few of them have some highlights in terms of functionality. Thereinto, BeDrive is one kind of lukewarm solution. Although it comes with a beautiful and clean user interface and powerful functions, that is still not enough to surpass its peers such like Google Drive and Dropbox. In particular, its overlarge file size will make many individuals who are pursuing simplicity and practicality look and step back.

BeDrive is a full-featured cloud storage server script developed based on PHP and MySQL, which is very easy to install and use, without any coding or server management knowledge required. Users can use it to build a fully-functional, self-hosted file sharing and hosting website in a few minutes. As a commercial network drive program supporting for multiple users, BeDrive is not very suitable for personal use in deed. Instead, you can choose from much lightweight similar scripts like h5ai, Nextcloud, FileRun, and Veno File Manager.

In general, BeDrive has no unique functionality, even some of its functions are not as good as some small web disk programs. However, it still has several notable highlights, e.g.: commercial system (that is, advertising system, payment system, invoice setting); multi-user and multi-server supports; attached storage system that allows users to mount many cheap and stable well-known web disk services such as Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Dropbox, so as to avoid renting those expensive servers.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
Easy Installation Install BeDrive easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes with our easy to use installer and documentation.
Ajax Based BeDrive is ajax based application, which means it’s faster when a regular site and has no page refreshes.
Sharing Users can share files and folders with multiple users, allowing collaboration.
Uploads See status, progress, estimated time left and more for all current uploads.
Shareable Links Create publicly shareable links for files and folders with optional expiration date, password and permissions.
Translatable Site can be easily translated from admin panel, it also has multi-language suport.
Responsive BeDrive is fully responsive and will work on desktop, mobile, tablet and other devices.
File Previews Preview multiple file types including audio, video, text, pdf, zip and images right in the browser without the need to download the file.
Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Dropbox Storage Easily store user upload files on many different cloud services and providers.
Documentation BeDrive comes with in depth documentation that explains everything from installation to all the features.
Authentication Fully featured authentication system with social login(facebook, twitter and google), normal login, registration, password recovery, account settings and more.
Roles & Permissions Assign roles and permissions to users to give or restrict access to specific functionality on the site.
Disable Registration Registration can be fully disabled from admin panel so only users you create manually from admin panel will be able to login.
Grid and List views Both grid and list views are available and freely switchable by the user so they can select the one they prefer more.
Ads Paste ad codes into integrated ad slots in admin panel and BeDrive will display them automatically.
Professional Design Pixel-perfect professional design based on google’s material design.
Appearance Editor Easily manage your site appearance (colors, logo, landing page, menus etc) from appearance editor.
Settings Admin panel has many settings that allow you to fine-tune the site to your needs.
Analytics Google analytics are integrated right into admin panel so you don’t need to open a separate page to see how your site is doing.
Multiple Homepages Choose between multiple homepages including landing page, login page or your own custom html page.
(Optional) Payments system BeDrive comes with integrated subscription system that allows you to effortlessly offer your users plans with different amounts of space available (fully configurable by you), this system can be completely disabled as well, if not needed.
Drag and Drop Natural drag and drop features for uploading, selecting and moving files & folders.
Context Menu Fully integrated context menu (right click on file or folder) is available with all the actions you’d expect like delete, copy, share, move, rename, get link and more. This menu can be accessed from navigation bar as well on touch based devices.
Trash Deleted items will first be moved to trash so they can be restored later.
Favorites Favorite files or folders so you can find them easily from favorites page later.
Search Powerful search will find files and folders that are at any level of depth.
File Details Sidebar on the right will display selected file or folder details as well as preview (if available).
Source Code You will receive full, unencrypted source code upon purchase, allowing easy custom modifications.

// System Requirements //

  • PHP >= 5.6
  • PDO Extension (enabled by default)
  • php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default)
  • MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.

// Admin Account and Panel //

  • When accessing login page on demo site, you will get admin account credentials pre-filled. Note that destructive actions like deleting and editing are disabled on demo site.
  • Admin accounts will reset every hour and be populated with some sample files.
  • To test a regular user, create a fresh account by registering on demo site.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the BeDrive full source code for Linux servers and Android OS.

// Prompts //

  • During local installation and test, you may need to change the character set of database to “utf8_unicode_ci” in order to support some files/folders with non-english names.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Full Source Code v1.9.2 reserved 59.3 MB
v2.2.6 24.2 MB
BeDrive Mobile
Full Source Code v1.0.5 320 KB


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