CentBrowser – Most feature-rich and efficient Chromium variation web browser

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Even today, none of Google’s Chrome and Chromium official releases or any variation of Chromium cares about the user habits. In other words, the officials only care about the implementation of the core functions, user interface tweaks and bug fixes of their web browser. As for the two most important things – the ease of use and performance of browser, Google never takes them seriously. That’s why so many variations of Chromium appear and they are more popular than Chrome or Chromium.

Thereinfo, CentBrowser (AKA: 百分浏览器) is a web browser recompiled based on the Chromium kernel of Google with excellent usability and performance, developed by Cent Studio (百分工作室) from China. It is currently the only Chrominum’s variant browser that can compete with 360 Browser, and can be considered to be a perfect replacement for 360 Browser and almost all versions/editions of Chrome and all variations of Chromium browsers.

CentBrowser is very important to me personally because the productivity of most browsers is too low for me to tolerate. Therefore, I immediately and repeatedly tested the viability of CentBrowser and permanently removed the seriously out of date 360 Browser in the end (which had stopped updating since 2014), as well as Chrome and any other Chrominum variants.

CentBrowser inherits the features of all Chrome/Chromium browsers perfectly, and does it even better (especially it is finer and makes users feel more comfortable in details than both). It is embedded with a lot of convenient and practical functions, provides more and clearer setting options, optimizes the performance of browser, without requiring users to spend a lot of time or effort to customize Chrome/Chromium, helping them browse the web more conveniently, efficiently, safely and comfortably.

As a highly customized, enhanced Chromium browser, CentBrowser offers additional features that include full customization of tab behaviors (scroll, right click to close, drag & drop, infinite recovery of all closed tabs…), mouse gestures, shortcuts customization, right-click multi-engine search, display QR code image in address bar, background color customization of web page, independent video play pop-up window, web video downloader, automatic memory cleanup, quick web images saving, muting any webpage with sound, multi-column bookmarks, side bookmarks, delayed session loading, enhanced privacy protection, automatic update of Chrome kernel, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that although CentBrowser is not a dual-core browser (only used the Blink browser engine of Chromium), it will show you a message “Prompt me when current website needs IE” when it encounters pages that can only be accessed using an IE-based browser, and allows one-click opening and switching to IE-core web browser installed on your system. This design is thoughtful enough.

For AppNee, all the important features that no other Chrome or Chromium variants have ever had include:

  • Even closing the last tab will not close the browser
  • Built-in mouse gestures
  • When you close all tabs accidentally, you will be reminded to confirm (so as to avoid losing all open/editing tabs)
  • Alt + left click on image – realize the quick download of pictures
  • Multi-column display of bookmark entries (no scrolling required)
  • Built-in friendly and powerful screen capture tool
  • Supports the cleanup of browsing data on exit
  • Allows to “Disable Bookmarks and History suggestions” in the address bar
  • After the browser is unexpectedly shut down, there’s once opportunity to “Restore Pages” (all the pages that were open at that time)
  • You can open all closed tabs in reverse order at any time
  • After you open or delete a bookmark in the Bookmarks, the Bookmarks window will not automatically close, which is very convenient to continue to manage other bookmark items (this greatly improves the efficiency of bookmarks usage)
  • Open all bookmarks within a folder in batch (by clicking the middle mouse button)
  • Allows to stay on the current page after opening a link
  • Any link can be opened in a new tab
  • Copy any text content, and right click on “New Tab” button, then you can search the text in the clipboard using the default search engine with one-click
  • A page of any type and status can be closed/reopen via mouse gestures (such as the loading page, internal pages start with chrome://, blank/new tab page, page fails to load successfully…)
  • Press “Ctrl + Shift + A” to call out the handy screenshot tool
  • ….

*** Unfortunately, CentBrowser does not have a very practical function that only 360 Browser does: chrome://last/, which can be used to restore all tabs from the last time the browser was forced/unexpectedly closed as needed, and at any time.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
Chromium Based Based on the prominent web browser project – Chromium, Cent Browser inherits all its advantages.
Mouse Gesture Hold and move the right mouse button to execute commands without using the keyboard, menus or toolbars.
Super Drag Drag something by left mouse button to copy/open/search immediately.
Memory Optimization Enable lazy session loading and automatic memory optimization to reduce memory consumption.
Private Tab Login multiple accounts at the same time and use it just like in incognito window. Press Ctrl+M to bring it out.
Fully Portable Portable version can be used in flash disk, and moved anywhere without data lost.
Scrollable Tab Bar Set minimum tab width to avoid tabs becoming too small.Scroll entire tab bar by mouse wheel.(similar to Firefox tab bar)
Privacy Protection Protect your privacy to the fullest extent, and provide options to block online trackers.
Highly Customizable Lots of useful options, there is always an option to feed your needs.

// Prompts //

  • When the Favorites/Bookmark items exceed two columns, you need to scroll the mouse wheel to display more items.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Freeware Latest Beta | Stable n/a

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