CentOS System Administration Essentials HD PDF

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CentOS System Administration Essentials HD PDF

CentOS (short for Community ENTerprise Operating System) is a free, open-source, enterprise-class and community-supported computing platform that derived from the same source code with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS. At present, there have been increasing Internet services or applications around the world that require high stability (including a variety of purposes of servers and business applications) are running on it, rather than RHEL.

If you are finding some some good resources (especially books or documentations) about CentOS, AppNee recommends at least 5 worth reading tutorial books to you here. They are Administrator's Guide of CentOS (official documentation), System Administrator's Guide of Red Hat (official documentation), CentOS Bible, The Definitive Guide to CentOS and CentOS System Administration Essentials. Of which, CentOS System Administration Essentials is a handbook concentrating on both basics and important subject areas (such as directory services, security configuration management, and web-based architecture) for Enterprise market for beginners. That means you can just read it when you need or have a tricky problem at work.

BTW, most of the RHEL documentations hold true or is close enough for CentOS. And for 90% of the content in these documentations, the RHEL docs are the same with CentOS.

CentOS System Administration Essentials HD PDF

// Skills can be learned //

  • Conquer the command line using shortcuts in the shell and within the editor Vim
  • Analyze the booting of CentOS utilizing MBR, GRUB, and Plymouth
  • Gain an understanding of the filesystem structure of hard links, inodes, and data using stat and ls
  • Manage your software installations with YUM
  • Handle your services as they begin to migrate from System V scripts
  • Establish centralized account information using openLDAP directory services
  • Centralize the configuration management of CentOS using uppet, enabling updates from Puppet Master to be distributed to the clients

// Table Of Contents //

  1. Taming vi
  2. Cold Starts
  3. CentOS Filesystems – A Deeper Look
  4. YUM – Software Never Looked So Good
  5. Herding Cats – Taking Control of Processes
  6. Users – Do We Really Want Them?
  7. LDAP – A Better Type of User
  8. Nginx – Deploying a Performance-centric Web Server
  9. Puppet – Now You Are the Puppet Master
  10. Security Central
  11. Graduation Day

// Download URLs //

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