[v2016.11.05] GeoVox – Voxel-based real-time terrain editor

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GeoVox is a voxel-based, real-time terrain generation tool, developed and published by Axis Game Factory in 2015. As a terrain creation tool, its most prominent feature is that it’s based on Volume Pixel (Voxel). With its help, game developers can instantly create lush AAA quality of environments from the start; create carve, sculpt, and generate scenes like never before; then play with and share them.

As an excellent game terrain design and creation software, GeoVox is mainly used to design scenes for various PC games. It is able to completely plan and construct a delicate map scene that can achieve the 3A level of picture quality, which plays a big role in the game development. In addition, GeoVox provides a visual editing and designing environment, supports real-time game simulation that allows developers to test for level playability as they are creating, supports exporting the created scene file as .obj format, and so on.

In the end, as AppNee sees it, GeoVox has no future, and it faces either being integrated into other game development IDE or being abandoned (I think its development team might have decided to do that). But before that day comes, we can still make good use of this handy and efficient voxel-based terrain generation tool.

// Key Features //

User Experience
  • Instant environment is generated at application start
  • Simple tools that allow users to edit the environment as needed without a steep learning curve
  • Clean, low overhead GUI that allows for fast terrain editing, without limiting users creativity
  • Standard game controls to allow users to explore their environment to simulate gameplay
  • Flying Camera or FPS style with gravity and jump ability camera modes
  • Full real-time Voxel based terrain editing
    • Easily edit the terrain with simple point and click volume brushes
    • Define Voxel brush sizes and shape
    • Single click and click and drag on Voxel application
    • Offset Voxel brush from center or base
    • Brush snapping
    • Add Voxel volumes
    • Cut Voxel volumes
    • Paint Voxel volumes
    • User definable smoothing
    • Cut volumes and Paint textures and apply environmental assets simultaneously
    • Create a pallet of Voxel types to be used in your environment
    • Voxel types can include textures, assets and vegetation
    • Mix and match variables to create many Voxel types
    • Voxel types can be applied upright or aligned to terrain normal
    • Assets can have user defined depth off-sets
  • Fully featured fractal algorithmic terrain generator
  • Limited or Infinite terrain editing abilities (user decides and determines how large they want their maps)
  • Create from hundreds of pre-packed, license free assets to use for professional development
  • Assets include:
    • Trees
    • Plants
    • Rocks
    • Shrubs
    • Flowers
    • Grasses
  • Library of terrain textures included with color, normal and specular maps
  • Real-Time, user defined Ambient Occlusion
  • Create Asset Packs for use with Geovox using the Geovox Asset packager and Unity FREE
  • Importing of AGF and Geovox Asset Packs for use in Geovox
  • Importing of the Geovox Terrain Format (Raw Mesh data) to Unity 5.0
  • Asset Packager for use with Unity 5.0 Free to GeoVox asset package format
  • GeoVox to .Obj exporting
    • User defined model export parameters
    • User defined export location
    • User defined export size
    • All mesh assets export with transforms applied
    • All images export in .PNG format
Product Road Map of Future Updates / DLC
  • Importing of the Geovox Terrain Format (Raw Mesh data) to Unity 5.0
  • Importing of the Geovox Terrain Format to the AGFPRO Editor (future update)
  • Importing of the Geovox Terrain Format to the AGFPRO Player DLC (future update)
  • Asset Packager for use with Unity 5.0 Free to GeoVox asset package format

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the GeoVox multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v2016.11.05 216 MB

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