Head First Design Patterns, 1st & 2nd Editions

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No one will want to reinvent the wheel (or worse, without inflatable tires), so we seek help from design pattern, which is the summary of experience from solving all kinds of same or similar software design problems in the past.

With design patterns, we can use other people’s essences from their practical experiences, thus the saving time can be used for other things, such as: more challenging, more complex and more interesting things.

As a straightaway getting started classic book about design patterns, Head First Design Patterns has been the number one in Amazon computer book sale charts for a long time, and got the Jolt Awards (Oscar award in the software industry) and rave reviews. After finishing this book, when you go to read other design pattern related books again you will feel relaxed a lot.

In C# and Java 2 kinds of languages, through real-life examples and pictures presentation, the author fully explained the concepts of various design patterns as well as their programming applications. So as to help you understand the thoughts and essences of design patterns, digest them and then flexibly apply to your own developments.

// Table of Contents //

  • 1. Welcome to Design Patterns: Intro to Design Patterns
  • 2. Keeping your Objects in the Know: The Observer Pattern
  • 3. Decorating Objects: The Decorator Pattern
  • 4. Baking with OO Goodness: The Factory Pattern
  • 5. One-of-a-Kind Objects: The Singleton Pattern
  • 6. Encapsulating Invocation: The Command Pattern
  • 7. Being Adaptive: The Adapter and Facade Patterns
  • 8. Encapsulating Algorithms: The Template Method Pattern
  • 9. Well-Managed Collections: The Iterator and Composite Patterns
  • 10. The State of Things: The State Pattern
  • 11. Controlling Object Access: The Proxy Pattern
  • 12. Patterns of Patterns: Compound Patterns
  • 13. Patterns in the Real World: Better Living with Patterns
  • A. Leftover Patterns

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