[v1.8.0] M+GUI – A fast Qt implementation of MameUI

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M+GUI (AKA: MAME Plus! GUI) is another new quality GUI front-end for MAME, developed by a fan player from China. We can see it as a fast Qt implementation of MameUI (that means they have similar functionality and user interface).

M+GUI can automatically download ROM files from FTP servers. In particular, it merely downloads the missing ROMs inside a ZIP file, which results in a much lower bandwidth consumption. For now, M+GUI works well with the following MAME builds: MAME, MESS, SDLMAME, SDLMESS, MAME Plus.

M+GUI was originally released as a standalone front-end for Windows and Linux/x11 platforms. In order to provide as much convenience as possible for video game players, all the versions for Windows you can download from AppNee were packed with MAME main programs.

// Prompts //

  • The first time you run M+GUI, it should automatically load the ‘mamep.exe’ file under the same folder. If not, select it manually.
  • Because it needs to read massive data from the MAME main program, the first run of M+GUI costs a little longer time.

// Download URLs //

Version OS Download Size
v1.4.9 64-bit reserved 12.9 MB
v1.5.6 32 & 64 reserved 41.2 MB
v1.7.0 32 & 64 reserved 46.4 MB
v1.8.0 32-bit 35.1 MB

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