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PHP Cookbook can save you the valuable web development time. With these solutions regarding the actual problems at hand, from common problems from beginners to technical problems in advanced PHP web programming will be readily solved.

Each instance in this book is discussed in detail about the logic and ideas behind the solution provided, in order to use insights derived from PHP experts to help you easily master the PHP programming language. PHP Cookbook, 3rd Edition updated the PHP 5 relevant content, and explained how to use the new language features in detail, such as big improvement of object-oriented ability and new PDO data access extension, etc.

More than 250 examples in this book will provide rich solutions with practical application value for many problems you face every day, which is enough to satisfy the needs of any developer who uses PHP to generate dynamic web content.

// Table Of Contents //

  • 1. Strings
  • 2. Numbers
  • 3. Dates and Times
  • 4. Arrays
  • 5. Variables
  • 6. Functions
  • 7. Classes and Objects
  • 8. Web Fundamentals
  • 9. Forms
  • 10. Database Access
  • 11. Sessions and Data Persistence
  • 12. XML
  • 13. Web Automation
  • 14. Consuming RESTful APIs
  • 15. Serving RESTful APIs
  • 16. Internet Services
  • 17. Graphics
  • 18. Security and Encryption
  • 19. Internationalization and Localization
  • 20. Error Handling
  • 21. Software Engineering
  • 22. Performance Tuning
  • 23. Regular Expressions
  • 24. Files
  • 25. Directories
  • 26. Command-Line PHP
  • 27. Packages

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PHP Cookbook, 2nd Edition
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PHP Cookbook, 3rd Edition
PDF 13.6 MB


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