ShellMenuView – Windows context menu viewer and manager

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Sometimes after we installed some software, some unwanted items will appear in the right-click menu making it swollen and unresponsive. In this case, we can use ShellMenuView to clean them out.

ShellMenuView is a compact free context menu manager utility developed by the famous NirSoft. It can automatically scan all file types and their corresponding association running programs in your system, as well as many other relevant information (for common users they are superfluous). Then you can easily choose to disable/enable the every right-click menu or other special file association.

In addition, you can also set or remove the extended mode of menu items. When a menu item is in the extended mode, it will only appear when you open the context menu by right-click some file/folder while pressing the ‘Shift’ key. You can try this (right-click VS shift + right-click) on any file/folder to see their differences.

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