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Path Copy Copy – Copy paths or names of multiple files/folders with one-click

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In Windows Explorer and some cases, we maybe need to copy many names of a bunch of files/folders one by one. There is only one traditional method – manually click files/folders and then copy/paste their names; and it would become more troublesome if you want to get their full paths – you have to right click every file/folder to enter its properties and then copy the full path from the ‘Location’ field.

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Open++ – Right-click menu customization

Skilled in the use of shortcuts is the sign of someone changing from rookie to superior, i.e. use fewer actions to achieve the same purpose. Open++ (AKA: OpenXX, Open Plus Plus) is a context menu shell extension application which is used to add custom commands to right-click menu, builds up a list of common tools to simplify the routine, has the same effect with FileMenu Tools.

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