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[v27.3] Windy.com – Fast, intuitive, detailed and most accurate weather app

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Windy.com (formerly called Windyty, Windytv) is a very professional and practical wind map & weather forecast application for Android and iOS platforms, developed by Ivo Lukačovič from Czech Republic in 2014. With it, users can not only view a variety of professional weather parameters and specific values, but also enjoy the dynamic, stunning weather changes animation. It sets visual, artistic, practical in one place, and is deeply loved by the majority of users.

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[v5.1] 1Weather – Top-rated weather app for Android and iOS

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Since I started using the smartphone again in November 2020, I’ve been looking for a good weather forecasting app, and finally locked three targets for final screening: AccuWeather, Dark Sky, and 1Weather. As it turns out, the first one needs to install the Google Play Services; The second is to use VPN in some countries; After actually using the third one – 1Weather, AppNee immediately decided to share it with more people.

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