[v10.5.0] TheSkyX – Extremely powerful astronomy software

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TheSkyX is a very powerful and popular astronomical telescope support software that contains an array of tools for advanced or amateur astronomers. It can simulate the starry sky in real time, adjust the time or location at random to see different sky scenes. Plus, it is capable of simulating all sorts of motion of the celestial bodies, as well as the astronomical wonders such like solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.

TheSkyX equips with fully functional tools, which can not only extend your understanding to the basic knowledge of astronomy, also meet your pursuit to the astronomical exploration in depth and breadth. For example, you can use it to learn the constellation, to watch the movement locus of stars (the time span can be from a few days to a few centuries), or direct utilize it to watch the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse phenomenons, and to take a look at the detailed picture of some mythical characters in the sky. In particular, TheSkyX also allows you to control many popular astronomical telescopes and digital cameras to take photographs or video recordings. In addition, it also provides star map and star catalog data to guide users to look across the sky.

TheSkyX is really a very excellent and popular astronomy software. If you’ve often been plagued by this case – when shooting an astronomical picture, you just can’t put the target in the middle of the field of view in order to make an precise composition of the picture. Then, after learning to use TheSkyX (especially its equatorial telescope control and camera capture), everything seems to become much simpler and more efficient.

// Key Features //

  • Display an Interactive Sky Chart
  • Databases of Celestial Objects and Photos
  • Show What’s Up Tonight
  • Create and Show Field of View Indicators (FOVIs)
  • Predict and Watch Iridium Flares
  • Watch Animated Tours
  • Docking Windows for Commonly Used Features
  • Find Objects
  • Get Detailed Information on Celestial Objects
  • Select Different Photographs for the Panoramic Horizon
  • Quickly Set Chart Options with Chart Elements
  • Show Reference Lines and Photos
  • Show Object Names (Object Labels)
  • Configure the Appearance of Stars
  • Customize Tool bars to Access Commands You Want
  • Chart Status window
  • Show/Hide Scroll Bars
  • Look North, South, East, West or Up
  • Zoom Box
  • Zoom to Pre-defined Fields of View
  • Navigate the Celestial Sphere
  • Control the Date and Time
  • Choose your location on Earth
  • Create Solar System Object Paths
  • Find and View Solar and Lunar Eclipses with the Eclipse Viewer
  • Find Conjunctions with the Conjunction Finder
  • Show the Positions of the Major Moons of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Display or Print Calendars showing the Moon’s Phase and other information
  • View High-Resolution Images of the Moon using the Moon Viewer
  • View the Solar System in Three Dimensions using the 3D Solar System Viewer
  • View Stars in Three Dimensions with the 3D Stars Tool
  • Show Detailed Constellations Figures
  • Simulate the Daytime Sky
  • View in Full Screen Mode
  • Preserve Dark Adaptation with the Night Vision Mode
  • Show the Chart as a Mirror Image
  • Show Photo-Like or Map-Like Star Charts
  • Create Publication-Quality Star Charts. Graphics and PDF Output
  • Print and Export Star Charts
  • Click to Drag the Sky Chart to Change Field of View
  • Rotate the Sky Chart to any position angle
  • Database Manager to Add/Remove Core and Additional Sky Databases (SDBs)
  • Compute and View Stellar Proper Motion
  • Friendly and Extensive User Guide
  • Display 235 degrees to 30 arcsecond fields of view
  • Limit the Magnitude and Size of Object Type
  • Display Small Solar System Objects, including Comets, Asteroids and Man-Made Satellites
  • Create Observing Lists
  • Advanced control for your Go To or Push To Telescope

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// License Numbers //

Universal for TheSkyX v10.x.x on Win/Mac
Product User Name Serial Number
TheSkyX Pro for Windows AppNee.com D031-18046062
TPoint addon (mac/windows) 1029-200861AE
Camera addon (mac/windows) 502D-30276123
Multi-OS and six license add on 9023-903060B0

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the TheSkyX Professional Edition multilingual full installers, latest updates, daily builds and universal serial numbers for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install the full installer (if there is an error, click ‘Retry’)
  2. Install the latest update (if there is an error, click ‘Retry’ first, or just click ‘Ignore’)
  3. Install Daily Build
  4. Run TheSkyX, use the serial number above to register
  5. All done, enjoy!

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// Download URLs //

License Version OS Download Size
Professional Edition v10.5.0 Windows 1.72 GB


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