[v18.3] Turbo Studio – Excellent virtual application wrapper

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[v18.3] Turbo Studio – Excellent virtual application wrapper

Turbo Studio (formerly called: Spoon/Xenocode Virtual Application Studio, or Spoon/Xenocode Studio for short) is a user-friendly application virtualization tool. It can encapsulate all files required by a program in a virtual container, supports customization and pre-configuration of the virtualized applications.

Similar with VMware ThinApp, Turbo Studio's design objective is to enable Windows software to run within a virtual environment independent of the system, components, registry and permissions, so as to avoid a variety of problems in the traditional software deployment, such as installation failure, DLL conflicts, loss of components, insufficient permissions, and so on. Compared with VMware ThinApp, both working principle is very similar, but Turbo Studio comes with more powerful and detailed features, while VMware ThinApp is easier to get started with.

[v18.3] Turbo Studio – Excellent virtual application wrapper

// Key Features //

Eliminate Installs
  • Launch Applications with No Installs
  • Eliminate .NET and Java Dependencies
  • Execute on Locked-Down Desktops
  • Eliminate Component Failures
  • Run Legacy Applications on Windows 8
  • Dynamic Sandbox Isolation Management
Easy to Understand
  • Application Templates
  • Desktop Import Wizard
  • One-Click Configuration of .NET, Java, and AIR
  • No Infrastructure Changes
  • Import Existing MSI and ThinApp Packages
  • Setup Snapshotting
App Virtualization Engine
  • #1 in Compatibility
  • Fully User-Mode Virtual Machine
  • Run Legacy Applications on Windows 8
  • Multi-Platform Capabilities
  • Advanced Sandbox Isolation Management
  • Unprecedented Performance
Publish Anywhere
  • Create Standalone EXEs
  • Integrated Application Management
  • Bring Your Application to the Cloud
  • Generate MSI Setup Packages
  • Desktop Registration
  • Deploy on USB Flash Drives
Comprehensive Platform
  • Package Once, Deploy Everywhere
  • Build process automation
  • Leading Technology Provider
  • Commerce Enabled
  • Support for All Major Windows Operating Systems

[v18.3] Turbo Studio – Excellent virtual application wrapper

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Turbo Studio multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Prompts //

  • On Windows Vista+, you should turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run portable app as admin.

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// Download URLs //

v17.0[v18.3] Turbo Studio – Excellent virtual application wrapper112 MB
v17.7[v18.3] Turbo Studio – Excellent virtual application wrapper152 MB
v18.3[v18.3] Turbo Studio – Excellent virtual application wrapper150 MB


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