[v1.011] Vagante – Dungeon game inspired from multiple classic video games

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Vagante is a Rogue-Like indie small dungeon game inspired from Castlevania, Metroid, Dark Souls, and some other classic video game works. It has no complicated plot, only fairly subtle levels randomly generated by the program (including maps, props and its effects, equipment, traps, monsters, BOSS…), along with retro and pixel styles.

Due to its permanent and irreversible death design, Vagante can also be seen as specifically designed for those players who like challenges – once accidentally die you have to make a fresh start. In addition, the major part of the games scenes is pretty dark, therefore players must be careful in the game. At the early stage, its difficulty is a bit too hard, which requires players to have a good mastery of traps and the characteristics of various monsters, and then put them to use to destroy the powerful monsters, BOSS. In a word, you’ll find Vagante has very high playability along the way.

// Key Features //

  • Randomly generated levels, monsters, BOSS and loot
  • A variety of assailable targets (monsters, props, etc.)
  • Allow to use and equip with a variety of props and equipment
  • Four characters with unique attributes and affinities: Rogue, Knight, Mage and the unlocked ???
  • Weapons is general among various roles
  • Can learn a variety of skills
  • Various ubiquitous, impossible-to-defend traps with super power that can be triggered and utilized by enemies
  • Unlockable character backgrounds for customization of gameplay
  • Smooth operation and rising, fair-sounding BGM
  • Support doubles or up to 4-player’s co-working on the same PC
  • Support gamepad
  • … and more coming

// Default Controls //

  • Move: Arrow keys
  • Jump: Z
  • Melee Attack: X
  • Remote Attack: C
  • Use Skills: V
  • Switch Weapons: A
  • Switch Scope: S
  • Switch Skills: D
  • Menu: Space

// Official Demo Video //

// About Rogue-Like //

Rogue-Like is not a thing hard to understand, it is a umbrella name for a class of games. Properly speaking, it is affiliated to the role-playing game (RPG), as its one subclass – Roguelike-RPG. And in general, a Rogue-Like game has the following features:

  • Randomness
  • Unipolarity of game process (that means saving state becomes meaningless)
  • Each role has only one irreplaceable life
  • Rigorous and flexible high degrees of freedom
  • Cast roll algorithm and turn-based action rules based on the d20 System
  • Simple graphics
  • Long source from Dungeons & Dragons

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v34c AppNee.com 26.6 MB
v1.011.3 AppNee.com 104 MB

(Homepage | Steam)

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