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[APK] What The Color – Test and challenge your color recognition ability

If you are a person focusing on health and like to try all kinds of new apps, then you might have tried some with the subjects of visual acuity or color blindness test. But the fact is they don't like look so professional and practical - most of which are just funny games (e.g.: Eyesight Examiner Side N and THE EYE TEST).

Bare knuckle Vacuum Portable Full download

The SEGA's official only releases the classic Streets of Rage 1, 2, 3 these three works, and the Streets of Rage 4 that originally had been planned to sell unexpectedly stopped development as early as more than a decade ago, which is so pity! But fortunately, we can still play so many homemade editions made by the fan players from all over the world.

Happy Chick Emulator – Play video games on mobile never been easier

Happy Chick Emulator (also called 小鸡模拟器) is a free versatile emulator APP from China I recently found. It makes playing video games on Android or iPhone never been easier. It not only has built in a variety of excellent emulators, we can also download any game ROM with one-click, all of which let us fondle admiringly.