[v29.0] TuneIn – Only best online radio program for mobile phone

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TuneIn (AKA: TuneIn Radio Pro) is a well-received and classic Internet radio station application for both desktop and mobile platforms, which has been quite popular since the days of BlackBerry. It enables user to listen to Internet radio stations in various languages and regions around the world smoothly and clearly. As the world’s most powerful and popular Internet-streaming media app, its status in the industry is equivalent to the audio equivalent of YouTube.

TuneIn has simple UI, is eay-to-use, and runs fast. It brings together the world’s most comprehensive radio stations for sports, news, music, talks, live events, podcasts, etc., helps you find, follow and listen to your favorite radio programs for free. It has cataloged more than 100,000 real live stations and more than 4 million on-demand shows in a very detailed category, letting you truly listen to the world. Plus, it is also able to record what you’re listening to for personal radio programs collection or sharing purpose.

Each station in TuneIn offers a full list of programs to help users understand the detail of radio programs, and its humanized timing and alarming functions can remind users that some program is about to start. In addition to the radio function, it also provides fairly practical clock control and sleep countdown functions. The former allows us to use our mobile phone as a clock radio. That is, when the time is up, the specified radio station will be played automatically. The latter can turn off your phone at a specified time, in case you fall asleep and forget to do that by yourself.

Unfortunately, TuneIn was completely banned by many countries, especially in China. In this case, if you want to listen to the foreign radio stations, there is only one solution – using all kinds of proxy tools (and they must be global proxy tools like Proxifier, ProxyCap, SocksCap64, SSTap)! Anyway, even for local radio stations, it is still the only online radio app that supports for the most local radio stations on Android platform at present.

// Key Features //

  • Transmit more than 100,000 real radio stations from around the world, covering sports, news, talks, music, podcasts programs
  • Listen to your favorite music genres, from Hip Hop to Top 40 Pop, Alternative Rock
  • Search for radio stations, artists, genres and programs by keyword
  • Listen to the exclusive 24/7 radio stadions of the top-level podcasts and artists
  • Share what you are listening to with friends
  • Listen to and record your favorite programs at any time
  • Support on-board mode
  • Alarm clock/sleep timer
  • Easy to use interface
  • Navigate to local stations via GPS/WiFi location

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the TuneIn Radio Pro Premium Edition paid full versions for Android OS.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Windows
Free Edition Latest n/a
for Android
Premium Edition v23.9.2 reserved 24.8 MB
v24.5.2 25.2 MB
v29.0.2 28.3 MB


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