[FDS/FC] Super Mario Bros. 2 1986 Japan Edition ROM + Emulator

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Super Mario Bros. 2 (short for SMB2J, ANA: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, スーパーマリオブラザーズ2, Sūpā Mario Burazāzu Tsū) was first released by Nintendo in 1986 originally for the Family Computer (Famicom) Disk System, as the direct and original sequel of Super Mario Bros. (1985), and specially for super players to challenge.

I’m just curious why few players mentioned or even played this real 2nd generation of Super Mario bros? It’s as interesting as its predecessor, as well as the same operation method, but its difficulty turns over a few times or even dozens of times. Besides, Super Mario Bros. 2 also added some new elements: poisonous mushroom, strong spring, inverted water pipe, wind effect, much hang time of Luigi, better balance of Rambo, etc.

Because most players agreed that its difficulty is too high, Super Mario Bros. 2 was never formally released in the United States (yet that has given rise to Super Mario USA), so that many American players don’t know it’s there. Of course, not until one 16-bit remake edition of Super Mario Bros. 2 (known as Super Mario: The Lost Levels) was collected into the Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition, did the public see its true face.

BTW, don’t be confused with the Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario USA). In order to accurately remember and find it, I think we can call it Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan edition in 1986 to distinguish it from that Super Mario Bros. 2 USA edition in 1988.

// Hacked Edition Features //

  • 13 level (13*4=52 stages; 9 ~ 13 levels are hidden)
  • All levels and stages are selectable
  • Level-jumping method: at the start screen, press A or B to select level or stage
  • 3-4, 6-4, 8-4 are maze stages

// Download URLs //

Edition ROM + Emulator Size
Official 997 KB
Hacked (13 selectable levels) 348 KB

(No Homepage)