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Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship HD PDF

The quality of software, not only depends on its architecture and project management, but also is closely related with the code's quality. Bad, untidy code can run normally to some extent, but that will bring potential obstacles to the whole development team, as sure as a gun. As a result, that will greatly increase development time, resources and other costs. This same applies to both agile software development and traditional software development.

PHP 5 Power Programming HD PDF, CHM

PHP 5 Power Programming is a classic must-read authoritative book with 720 pages of content published in 2004, cooperatively written by 3 PHP masters (PHP 5's chief designer - Andi Gutmans, PEAR's founder - Stig Saether Bakken and PHP's core contributor - Derick Rethans). Now its full copyright has been completely free.

Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets HD PDF, EPUB, MOBI

Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets is an advanced textbook for the ANSI C programming language. That means it is suitable for both readers who have already written come C programs and those guys who want to get some expert views and skills quickly. It helps programmers who have certain experience in C programming to become expert in this field, plus it can help them understand and then step into the C++ field standing at the height of C.