[v1.4.0] 8-Bit Commando – One classic remake edition of Contra

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[v1.4.0] 8-Bit Commando – One classic remake edition of Contra

8-Bit Commando is a small 2D indie game developed by 2D Engine and first released in 2011. The first time you see it, you will realize that this is a remake edition of the old but classic series of video game Contra. In other words, that is equivalent to port Contra from FC console to PC platform to let you relive this classic video game.

8-Bit Commando comes with fast-paced action, explosion scenes and rocking soundtrack (made by a chiptunes artist Ozzed), supports multiplayer and co-op gameplay modes. Just like Contra, the hero in game runs all the way with a gun in hand. The familiar FC style of 8-bit graphics goes along with passionate background music. I do believe this can help a lot of 70s, 80s players retrieve many good memories with FC video game console in childhood.

All in all, 8-bit Commando is absolutely an excellent work that every Contra fan player should not miss, and it is worth careful enjoyment and collection.

[v1.4.0] 8-Bit Commando – One classic remake edition of Contra

// Key Features //

  • 7 stages of intense action
  • Local coop and versus mode
  • Beautiful retro graphics
  • Online hiscore
  • Rocking chiptunes soundtrack

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86, x64)

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the 8-Bit Commando Portable full registered versions for Windows.

// Download URLs //

v1.4.0[v1.4.0] 8-Bit Commando – One classic remake edition of Contra35.5 MB

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