[v6.9] BackCountry Navigator – Offline TOPO GPS map navigation for wilderness exploration

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BackCountry Navigator (AKA: BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS) is an offline GPS map navigation app mainly used for outdoor adventures, developed by CritterMap Software. It can turn your Android-based smartphone or tablet into an outdoor navigation tool that can perfectly replace the traditional handheld GPS devices. Although the software is small in size, it is powerful enough, and supports downloading maps and aerial photos over the Internet.

With BackCountry Navigator, your Android phone becomes a complete outdoor TOPO (short for Topography) mapping GPS device. The GPS in your Android phone can get its position from GPS satellites, so that you don’t have to rely on the network coverage, data connection, or even cell service at all. Instead, you only need to pre-download the topographic maps and they can be viewed offline in the isolated forest and wilderness areas. Therefore, BackCountry Navigator is able to completely replace any handheld GPS device, which makes it very convenient, flexible and popular for people who love hiking, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, backpacking, and other adventure activities.

As an essential field navigation tool for travel, BackCountry Navigator can have many use cases for a wide variety of outdoor adventures. For example, when you go camping, you can use it to find the perfect campsite or correct way back to camp, find a place to fish, or even use it for search and rescue or support; For kayaker and canoe enthusiasts, it will clearly mark your location, as well as the rivers, oceans and lakes for you.

// Application Scenarios //

  • As a hiking GPS both on hiking trails and off trail
  • Camping trips to find that perfect camping site or the way back to camp with GPS
  • Hunting trips for hunting wild game in rugged areas
  • Doing recon for a hunt or as your hunting GPS
  • Fishing: make it your fishing GPS
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Trekking the Pacific Crest trail or other long term hiking
  • Kayak and canoe treks on inland lakes and streams or marine, coastal waters

// Built-in Map Sources //

You can create your own maps with Mobile Atlas Creator, or specify a custom tile server:

  • OpenStreetMaps from MapQuest
  • OpenCycleMaps showing terrain worldwide
  • US Topo Maps from Caltopo and the USGS
  • USTopo: Aerial Photography with markup
  • Canada Topo Maps from Toporama
  • Marine maps: NOAA RNC Nautical Charts (coastal)
  • USGS Color Aerial photography
  • Topographic Maps of Spain and Italy
  • Topo maps of New Zealand
  • Japan GSI maps

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the BackCountry Navigator PRO Edition paid full versions for Android OS.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
PRO Edition v6.7.6 reserved 19.2 MB
v6.9.4 19.1 MB


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