[v14.4, v11.0] EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Most efficient deleted, formatted, inaccessible data recoverer

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (AKA: 易我数据恢复大师, DRW for short) is a fool-style + one-stop + super efficient universal (supports all media and file types) data recovery software from China with 12+ years of development history.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can very effectively restore data loss in 3 most common cases. This includes deleted files (and not exist in the recycle bin any more); files existed in a formatted partition; not addressable files result from abnormalities when partition (like, partition table are destroyed) or wrong operation (reinstall system, covered by Ghost, etc.).

I once said – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the only king among dozens of so-called the best, famous data recovery software that AppNee has tested so far. Even R-Studio or Recover My Files can not catch up with it, not to mention many other common ones. As for other outstanding data recovery tools (such as FinalData SuperRecovery), AppNee will slowly make them join our Backup & Recovery category.

// Key Features //

  • Very easy to use and powerful
  • Recover deleted, formatted, inaccessible data
  • Recover all types of lost files
  • Recover lost data from all kinds of storage media
  • Recover data from deleted, hidden, lost or raw partition
  • Retrieve lost files by scanning storage device in deep level (RAW recovery)
  • Export / import scanning results
  • Recover data even when system fails to start or crashes with bootable media
  • Farseeing preview before recover
  • Allow to recover files under Linux’s partition format directly in Windows
  • 100% safe and hassle-free

// Support Storage Devices //

  • PC/laptop
  • Hard Drive
  • External Disk
  • SSD
  • USB Drive
  • Micro Card
  • Memory Card
  • Camcorder
  • Digital Camera
  • Mobile Device
  • Music Player
  • Video Player
  • iPod
  • RAID
  • CF/SD Card
  • Zip Drive
  • Pen Drive
  • Other Devices

// Supported File Systems //

  • FAT(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32)
  • exFAT
  • NTFS
  • NTFS5
  • ext2/ext3
  • HFS+
  • ReFS

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional/Technician Edition multilingual full installers, unlocked files along with universal keygens or unlock patches, and portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as pre-activated versions for Mac.

// Installation Notes //

for v14.0:

  1. Download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, do not run it
  2. Run the keygen as administrator, click ‘Activate‘, and locate to the installation folder
  3. Run the hosts patch as administrator
  4. Done

*** Blocking the Program is a must step, otherwise the program will be deactivated when starts.

*** To prevent Update Check and unauthorized internet access, delete the following folder and file from the installation folder:

  • aliyun (folder)
  • EuDownloader.exe

for v13.4.x-/v13.6:

  1. Download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, do not launch program
  2. Delete the ‘EuDownloader.exe from installation folder (in order to prevent the update check)
  3. Run keygen as administrator, click ‘Activate‘, and locate the installation folder (like: C:\Program Files\EaseUS\EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard\)
  4. Run the blocker as administrator, or manually block ‘DRW.exe‘ and ‘DRWUI.exe‘ files in your firewall and add the following lines to your hosts file instead:
    • track.easeus.com
    • update.easeus.com
    • activation.easeus.com
    • easeus.com
  5. Done

for v12.x.x:

  1. Download and install program, do not launch it
  2. Copy the unlocked file to installation folder and overwrite
  3. Done

*** Use it offline, or block program (both DRW.exe and DRWUI.exe) with your favorite firewall.

for v10.x.x, v11.x.x:

  1. Install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, do not launch it now
  2. Disable your Internet connection temporarily
  3. Copy the unlocked file ‘Config.dat‘ file to the installation folder and overwrite
  4. Run program, and click ‘Activate
  5. Run the keygen, and generate a Professional/Technician Edition ‘License code
  6. Copy this license code to activation window, and click ‘Activate
  7. Copy the “Machine Code” back to keygen to generate an ‘Activation code
  8. Copy this activation code back to activation window
  9. Done

*** To prevent your license from getting blacklisted (registration failed), you have 3 solutions:

  1. Block EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s main program – ‘DRWUI.exe’ in your firewall
  2. Add the following lines to your hosts file:
    • activation.easeus.com
    • track.easeus.com
    • www.easeus.com
  3. Just use it in an offline environment (without Internet connection)

// Tips //

  • When Windows can not recognize your SD card, USB flash drive or other external storage devices, or it prompts “please format first…” when you insert a USB storage device, do not format them amenably. Because EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can still recognize, scan files on these devices and perform data recovery (even supports real-time preview to the contents of scanned files).

// Warning //

The keygen/patch might be reported as Win32:Malware-gen, FileRepMalware threat with high risk. Use VirusTotal to make a full, authoritative scan, and decide to use it or not by yourself.

*** Please remember: antivirus software is not always right, just be careful and use it at your own risk.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Windows
Technician Edition v14.4 53.0 MB
v13.6 reserved 46.3 MB
Technician & Professional Edition v12.0 reserved 39.6 MB
v11.9 reserved 31.8 MB
Technician Edition v10.8 reserved 15.0 MB
v9.0 reserved n/a
Professional Edition v8.6 reserved n/a
v7.5 reserved n/a
v6.0 reserved n/a
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Bootable Media (WinPE)
Technician Edition v14.4 447 MB
for Mac
Professional Edition v11.0 5.26 MB

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