[v105, v000] Nightmare Sphere – Castlevania-like and metroidvania-style doujin game

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Nightmare Sphere (AKA: ナイトメアスフィア) is a free Castlevania-like and metroidvania-style doujin, indie game developed by 暁音♪ (AKA: n_sphere2, MickmanX, who used to be an art designer at Capcom) from Japan in 2009, using GameMaker Studio. It incorporates elements from classic 2D action video games like Metroid, Castlevania, Mega Man, and includes some degree of adult content.

Nightmare Sphere is a side-scrolling, action-driven small game similar to Castlevania, and its action design (especially the combo system) is as smooth as Rockman‘s. The author made this game to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. For this game the author spent a lot of time and energy, that can be said to be very sincere. The characters, weapons, actions, and background music in the game are all original, created by the author himself, not copied from any other games. Among them, the voice acting was done by a good friend of the author.

Nightmare Sphere actually has more values as a playable game than for its sexual contents. You can launch combo attacks with different melee weapons you find on the way, and pick up a great deal of ability upgrades. Getting touched by enemies or bad touching NPCs to drain life from them corrupts your soul. Helping NPCs by killing the enemies they’re fighting makes them give off sparks of light that purify your soul and give you some extra EXP points. In short, how pure or corrupted you are affects the find ending.

// About Game Endings //

The direction of the ending is related to whether or not to kill people and the pollution degree of the soul of your character.

Judging conditions:

  • IF Brute then ED4
  • ELSE IF killing people <X and sucking blood <Y then ED1
  • ELSE IF killing people >=X then ED2
  • ELSE IF sucking blood >=Y then ED3
  • ED4: In Brute state, you see the final BOSS, which is the end of being a demon.
  • ED1: Is the end of being a patron saint.
  • ED2: Is the end of being murdered by the priest.
  • ED3: The priest plots against the protagonist but fails, and the protagonist defeats the priest in the end.

Because killing and bloodsucking these two kinds of data are not reducable, it is best not to kill people or suck blood first so as to get the ED1; then suck blood but not kill people to see the ED3; then kill people to see the ED2; and finally go to the ED4. This way, you can enjoy all the four endings with only one game save. BTW, the final screen will be different depending on when you finish the game.

// Key Controls //

  • ESC – Exit game
  • F4 – Toggle between full screen and window modes
  • F9 – Screenshot
  • P – Pause game and open menu in game

// Fan Made Demo Videos //

// Prompts //

  • Changing button settings may cause the game to fail to respond to button actions. So, you have no choice but using the default key settings. You can also delete the “controller.ini” file to reset the key config.
  • All .img format of files under the game directory are image files in deed, which can be opened and viewed directly with the picture viewer or web browser
  • Do not click the ‘back to title‘ – that’s reset your game. Use the ‘P‘ key to resume game

// Download URLs //

License Version Language Download Size
Nightmare Sphere
Free game v105 Final JP/EN 76.2 MB
Nightmare Sphere Zero (0)
Free game v000 JP 143 MB


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