[PGM2] Knights of Valour 2: New Legend ROM, Storage Card + Emulator

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After “Oriental Legend 2” sweeping over the arcade market, the high-profile classic action arcade game series derived another new work – Knights of Valour 2: New Legend (AKA: 三國戰紀II:横扫千军, 三國戰紀2:盖世英雄). It was released for PGM2 arcade system board by IGS in 2008, has no direct relations with the whole series of Knights of Valour 2 on PGM platform.

With all kinds of new elements, Knights of Valour 2: New Legend presents distinct fun very different from other works in the same series to players! For example, this work added 4 big game systems:

  • Storage Card system: allows player to set favorite name for character, which gives players many unexpected surprises
  • Official Title system: in the wake of accumulation of exploit value, your character will be promoted throughout the journey, from rank at the bottom up to general, governor, even some mysterious titles dedicated to your character
  • Accessory & Decoration system: make your character’s style more special and attractive
  • Mysterious Events: in addition to adding new final BOSS, the game also provides many hidden mysteries for players to explore

// Game Modes //

  • Story Mode (一般任务)
  • Internet Ranking (专家排名)
  • BOSS Challenge (武将对战)
  • War Mode (横扫千军)

// Character Skills Table //

*** Click to see the big picture.

// Contained ROMs //

  • Knights of Valour 2: New Legend V300
  • Knights of Valour 2: New Legend V301
  • Knights of Valour 2: New Legend V302

*** Knights of Valour 2: New Legend ROM supports 4 languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and English. You can change game language in “Tab -> Dip Switches -> Region“.

// Fan Made Demo Video //

Necessary configurations:

English demo video:

Chinese demo video:

// How to play //

  1. Direct run ‘kov2nl.bat‘ to start PGM2 emulator along with Knights of Valour 2: New Legend game ROM
  2. Press F3 to skip “Calendar Setting”, then Press 6 to insert coin and press 1 to start game as soon as possible
  3. Enjoy!

*** In languages except Chinese, if the keys you defined do not work well, just set all other keys to ‘None‘ (Enter -> ESC) to solve this problem!

// Prompts //

  • In game, press ‘Tab‘ key to open options menu
  • If you could not insert coin to start game, choose to load the lower versions of ROM. Otherwise, you have to wait the ‘Push Start‘ to show
  • Run ‘PGM2.bat‘ to start game menu, where you can choose all versions (V300, V301 and V302) of Knights of Valour 2: New Legend ROM

// Download URLs //

Platform Region Version ROM, Storage Card + Emulator Size
PGM2 EN/CN/JP V300, V301, V302 86.9 MB


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