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[v4.6.x] Charles – Cross-platform edge tool for web debugging proxy

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In the common web application developing, testing and debugging process, developers need to figure out, analyze and eliminate all sorts of network problems by capturing the network communication packages (especially for those apps based on a server), and have a look at what they actually receive and send. At this time, Charles will come in handy.

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[v7.1] CommView for WiFi – Powerful wireless network monitor and analyzer

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I think readers who understand wireless network well know that the security of wireless network comes with congenital deficiency – i.e.: the wireless signal is easy to leak. As a result, compared with the wired network, the monitoring action made to wireless network signals is much easier. CommView for WiFi is a powerful wireless network monitor and analyzer (i.e.: packets capturing and monitoring tool) with friendly UI, industry-leading performance, good flexibility and usability. It’s specially developed (by TamoSoft from New Zealand) for wireless network administrators, security specialists, network programmers, or anyone wanting to understand the wireless network communication clearly.

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