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[v2.7x] IP-Tools – Award-winning network administrator TCP/IP utilities

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As a network or website administrator, most often we need know everything quite well about the LAN or even WAN our hosts lying in. For example: the name of each computer in local network, network card address, IP address, shared resource, open ports; look up WHOIS information such as domain name, host provider, DNS… about some website in detail. For these, IP-Tools can become a good assistant for our network/Internet management.

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[v2019.04.14] Hide ALL IP – Hide your real IP address to surf Internet safely

There are a lot of similar software as Hide ALL IP (their working principle is just a proxy). But to be honest, they are not very useful, or even completely useless in many countries with strict Internet censorship. Because the general HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 proxies, even the so-called highly anonymous ones, almost were all blocked by the powerful network firewalls of some countries, without exception.

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Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook HD PDF

Today, at this moment of rapid development of Internet and increasingly serious intrusion behaviors to network, the network security naturally became a focus in IT field. Accordingly, the network scanning technology has also become the most important one in this field. With help of Kali Linux OS’s built-in abundant powerful network scanning tools, each guy full of passion can become network security expert.

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TCPView – Port / thread complete view

As long as a Trojan is running in memory, it has to open a port, as long as a hacker is accessing your computer, there is must be a new thread. TCPView is a small viewer for checking computer ports and threads, which will show every port or thread to you at a glance.

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