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[v3.40.05] V-Ray for Maya 2014~2016 Full Installers, Unlocked Files AIO

V-Ray is a series of professional rendering plugins/standalone apps developed by Chaos Group company. Of which, V-Ray for Maya provides high-quality graphics and animation rendering capabilities for the excellent 3D modeling software Maya. Beyond that, V-Ray also can be run as a separate renderer, which is convenient for users to render various images.

[v3.40] V-Ray for SketchUp Full Installers, Unlocked Files AIO

[v3.40] V-Ray for SketchUp Full Installers, Unlocked Files AIO

V-Ray for SketchUp rendering plug-in integrate V-Ray into SketchUp, thus successfully follows SketchUp's lighting and mapping practices. It comes with few parameters, flexible material adjustments, and simple but powerful lighting features. As long as mastering the correct method, it is easy to produce highly realistic (photo-like) rendering works.

[v3.40.03] V-Ray for 3ds Max 2009~2017 Full Installers, Unlocked Files AIO

In this post, AppNee will keep releasing all available updates to V-Ray for 3ds Max, which are VR-ready and completely compatible with Autodesk's 3ds Max 2009 ~ 2017. What we provides you here are the V-Ray full Installers, registered DLL files (cgauth.dll, vray20xx.dll, vray20xx.of; BlackStorm.dll, vray.exe, BlackStorm.dlr, vrlclient.xml; unlock patcher....) along with detailed installation notes for 64-bit of Windows only.

Remix OS Player – Most advanced Android app & game emulator for PC

If you would not like to install a full Android OS on your hard disk or USB flash drive using the Remix OS for PC, just want to run some Android apps or games through an Android OS emulator running on Windows, then Remix OS Player is a better choice. Compared with many other similar Android emulators, you will find it's much better, and it runs much faster and more smoothly.

Wireless Network Watcher – Check who are using your wireless/wired network

Wireless Network Watcher – Check who are using your wireless/wired network

Two possible situations make you want to take a look at the users information in your local area network (LAN):

The speed of Internet connection becomes slower and slower, and it was no use giving many tries like modifying DNS, optimizing network

To check whether there is a potential attacker

This time, we can use Wireless Network Watcher - a tiny and free local wireless/wired network connection scanner & viewer from NirSoft.

[v7.0.1] Guitar Pro – Best musical tool offering all functionality need for any guitarists

Guitar Pro is a much-loved guitar tablature (chords, six line-spectrum, BASS four-line stave) drawing, viewing, printing, listening and learning software by guitarists (from France). At the same time, it is also an excellent MIDI sequencer and MIDI production helper tool, which can output the standard format of MIDI.