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Streets of Rage 6: Turn The Tide Portable Full download

Streets of Rage 6: Turn The Tide (ANA: Bare Knuckle VI: TTT, 怒之铁拳6: 力挽狂澜 or 怒铁Ⅵ: 拯救) is another fan made Streets of Rage remake game, as the upgrade version of Bare knuckle Vacuum. It was cooperatively developed by two Chinese amateur enthusiast players Anking and VC using OpenBOR, took a year and a half of their spare time.

Bare knuckle Vacuum Portable Full download

The SEGA's official only releases the classic Streets of Rage 1, 2, 3 these three works, and the Streets of Rage 4 that originally had been planned to sell unexpectedly stopped development as early as more than a decade ago, which is so pity! But fortunately, we can still play so many homemade editions made by the fan players from all over the world.

Streets of Rage Z: Return of the hero Portable Full download

Streets of Rage Z: Return of the hero is a bold remake edition of SoR series, made by a team of fan players from China in 2011. Besides adding more choosable characters, a lot of classic BOSS roles will come on stage. In particular, the introduction of upgrade concept enables the characters to gain different combo and unique skills in different grades.

Streets of Rage 1, 2, 3 Official ROMs AIO download

Streets of Rage (also called Bare Knuckle, ベア・ナックル) is a tailor-made beat 'em up style series video game in the 90s of last century, made by SEGA company for its 16-bit home game console - Mega Drive to go after the side-scrolling game agitation in arcade industry. There are a total of 3 official works. Below, I only give a brief introduction to these 3 official generations.