Sams Teach Yourself, Unity Game Development in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition

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Unity Game Development in 24 Hours, Second Edition may be currently the best tutorial book written for absolute beginners to the Unity game engine who want to learn it from scratch and step by step.

In just 24 lessons with about 1 hour’s time for each, this book enables you to teach yourself Unity game development through many straightforward and hands-on game examples like The heart of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Kerbal Space Program, and more. And finally when finishing it, you will be able to master everything about the Unity 5 game engine, from the absolute basics to sophisticated game physics, animation, mobile device deployment techniques and more.

All classed are interlocking (i.e.: based on what you have learned), therefore you don’t have to worry about getting stuck at some points or being unable to continue learning, and you can lay a solid foundation on game development using Unity. Besides, the
quizzes and exercises parts can help you test your knowledge and stretch your skills, and the notes and tips parts can point out the shortcuts and solutions for you.

// Key Features //

  • Covers Unity 5
  • Includes full workflows for making 2D sprites-based or 3D games
  • Highlights the new User Interface system
  • Introduces new powerful cross platform tools

// Table Of Contents //

  • HOUR 1: Introduction to Unity 1
  • HOUR 2: Game Objects 21
  • HOUR 3: Models, Materials, and Textures 35
  • HOUR 4: Terrain 49
  • HOUR 5: Environments 63
  • HOUR 6: Lights and Cameras 81
  • HOUR 7: Game 1: Amazing Racer 103
  • HOUR 8: Scripting—Part 1 119
  • HOUR 9: Scripting—Part 2 141
  • HOUR 10: Collision 161
  • HOUR 11: Game 2: Chaos Ball 173
  • HOUR 12: Prefabs 189
  • HOUR 13: 2D Games Tools 201
  • HOUR 14: User Interfaces 217
  • HOUR 15: Game 3: Captain Blaster 237
  • HOUR 16: Particle Systems 257
  • HOUR 17: Animations 275
  • HOUR 18: Animators 291
  • HOUR 19: Game 4: Gauntlet Runner 317
  • HOUR 20: Audio 339
  • HOUR 21: Mobile Development 353
  • HOUR 22: Game Revisions 365
  • HOUR 23: Polish and Deploy 379
  • HOUR 24: Wrap Up 393

// Download URLs //

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