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Stunt Rally – A great rally racing game with level editor

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Stunt Rally is a completely free and open-source 3D racing game for Windows and Linux platforms. It uses several open-source technologies (such as driving simulator VDrift, physics engine Bullet, object-oriented graphics rendering engine OGRE, grid’s rendering optimization PagedGeometry, fast, flexible and simple GUI MyGUI, etc.) to construct a very complex and interesting auto stunt rally game.

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Chase H.Q. all games in one place

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When it comes to car racing games, most of them are traditional RAC type: you drive a car to overtake your opponents or get to the destination within the given time. In this fixed mode of gameplay, no matter how good the system is, how smooth the controls are, how many vehicles are made and how cool they are, players will soon get bored with this cookie-cutter game mechanics.

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