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[v5.44] WinCHM Pro – Celebrated CHM help file creator & converter

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Whenever talking about making the classic and enduring CHM format of eBook/user manual for all kinds of software/hardware products, we have to mention the well-known WinCHM Pro. It not only allows user to make helpfile start by editing HTML files, also supports directly convert any existing scattered HTML files into an integrated CHM file.

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[v6.9] HelpNDoc – Modern help authoring tool

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HelpNDoc is a professional, versatile and easy-to-use help document and ebook production tool developed by IBE Software from France. It is completely free for personal users, uses the Ribbon style of user interface, can easily create help files and e-books in all major formats (CHM, Web, PDF, Word, EPUB, Kindle Ebook, etc.).

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[v3.1.2] CHM Editor – Popular CHM file editor

CHM Editor is an intuitive, lightweight WYSIWYG CHM file editor. With it, you can quickly create, edit, translate (localize), decompile and convert .chm files (HTML help files). Its use is very handy too, does not need you to know any professional knowledge about HTML.

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[v2019.0] Adobe RoboHelp Portable full versions AIO

Adobe RoboHelp is a classic help file production tool that features powerful functionality, intuitive UI and flexible layout. It enables users to easily and efficiently create a variety of attractive help documents, including: HTML help file (CHM), Website format of online help, PDF manual, Word document, etc. It was originally developed by Blue Sky Software in 1992, which was acquired by Macromedia in 2003. And Macromedia was also acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005.

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[v6.4] HelpSmith – CHM help file, Web help, or PDF manual authoring tool

HelpSmith is an innovative and practical help document authoring tool developed by Divcom Software from Canada. You can use it to create a CHM format of help file, HTML format of help file, Online and Responsive Web help system, help manual for dialog windows, Printable User Manuals, Adobe PDF documents and Microsoft Word documents, and ePub format of eBooks from a single source with ease.

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[v2.x.x] DA-HelpCreator – Powerful help manual creator focusing on content

DA-HelpCreator (DA-Software HelpCreator) is a friendly and efficient help file & online documentation creating tool developed by DA-Software from Germany. Using it, program developers are able to quickly make the CHM format of user manuals for their software products; webmasters can easily edit and publish HTML or natively executable format of F.A.Q. or online help page for visitors.

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