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Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software HD PDF

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software HD PDF

As a popular reading material about computer science, Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software is much more vivid, interesting and easy to understand, absorb than any other similar books. It enables you to understand all aspects about computer, without profound or professional knowledge required. Its author is Charles Petzold, whose another classic masterpiece Programming Windows has affected the entire generation of programmers.

Applications = Code + Markup CHM, HD PDF

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a far more flexible and powerful way to develop desktop apps than the outdated Windows Forms technique. As a authoritative programming guide to Microsoft's newer Windows desktop programming technique, Applications = Code + Markup covers the principle of core technology, concept, skill and development practice in Microsoft WPF.

Code Complete, 2nd Edition HD PDF, EPUB

Code Complete, 2nd Edition HD PDF, EPUB

Code Complete, Second Edition (AKA: Code Complete 2) is a classic about software construction, first written by Steve McConnell more than 20 years ago. This Second Edition is not just a simple revision and supplement of the first Edition, but completely rewritten, and increased a lot of content keeping pace with the times.

Windows Internals, 6th Edition Part 1 & 2 HD PDF, EPUB

Speaking of Windows Internals, you must have heard of it as long as you are interested in the Windows architectures and internals. For it is committed to the underlying mechanism, it won't cover all Windows contents, such as Windows window management, graphics, COM/COM+, .NET, etc. If you are willing to know more about Windows underlying principle, then this book is very suitable to you.

Programming Windows with MFC, 2nd Edition HD PDF, CHM

About how hard it is on earth for learning MFC, this should vary from person to person. If you are experienced programmers started from the base Windows OS, you'd likely have been a member of programmers developing the MFC class libraries; on the contrary, if you just have learned few years of Windows programming, then you may have not any knowledge on the underlying system. In the latter case, you must have one book on your desk for reference anytime (every technology needs this). For MFC, it will be Programming Windows with MFC.

Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows, 4th Edition HD PDF, CHM

Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows, 4th Edition is a treatise explaining the internal mechanism of Windows operating system. Meanwhile, it is also the well-deserved and unfailing bible for Windows programming. It's written by the esteemed Jeffrey Richter - the same author of another pinnacle work in the Windows programming field - Advanced Windows.

Programming Windows, 5th & 6th Editions HD PDF, EPUB, CHM

Here, AppNee provides everyone the two most popular editions: Programming Windows, 5th Edition (published in 1998, 23 chapters, 1479 pages) and Programming Windows, 6th edition (published in 2012, 19 chapters, 1136 pages) of the classic Programming Windows series of books written by Charles Petzold and published by Microsoft Press (has been over 27 years). These ebooks are in HD PDF, EPUB and CHM formats, shared for beginners who want to learn the Windows program or application development.