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SimpleWebRTC – Build your own real-time video/audio/text chat room with ease

SimpleWebRTC – Build your own real-time video/audio/text chat room with ease

Why do we need to publish a post about this kind of web chatting app? After all, there have been too many video chat programs, such as ICQ, Pidgin, Miranda, Skype, TeamViewer, etc. Because sometimes we need to ensure that the communication is more privacy and exclusive (undisturbed), secure enough, and we can enjoy that anytime and anywhere.

HTML5 Geolocation by Anthony T. Holdener III HD PDF, EPUB

HTML5's mightiness, we don't need to introduce too much. Of which, the Geolocation is one of its important features - providing the function for determining user's location. With this feature, we can develop cool web apps based on geographical location information (especially by calling the Google Maps interface).

HTML5: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition HD PDF

Don't be confused by 'The Missing Manual' series of books' title, so that worry about you can't understand this HTML5: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition. In fact, there is no big deal, and your worry is unnecessary. There are a lot of readers as experienced web designers usually introduce this book like this - reading this book needs you to satisfy the following conditions: have written some simple web pages, know a little about CSS and a bit of JavaScript or jQuery.

PHP and MySQL Web Development, 4th Edition HD PDF

For developing web-based and database driven high-performance, dynamic Web applications at express speed, PHP (powerful scripting language) and MySQL (quick and reliable database) are absolutely the only pair of best partners. Tutorials about them, I came close to forget this classic bible-level PHP and MySQL Web Development, Fourth Edition (although a bit old without involving the newest features).

Beginning PHP and MySQL, 4th Edition HD PDF

Both PHP and MySQL these two open source programming languages have become the best combination for developing web applications for many years. Especially after the Web 2.0 era, they got more wide application fields. Beginning PHP and MySQL will teach you how to make use of internationalization and localization open source tools to create database-driven dynamic web apps facing the world.

Essential PHP Security HD PDF, CHM download

PHP has become one of the world's most popular web programming languages from a tool used for producing personal web page. It ensures the operation of so many busiest websites on the Internet. This also brings the problems to be focused on, that's performance, maintainability, testability, reliability and the most important thing - security.