[v20.3] akeytsu – Edge tool for 3D skinning, rigging and animation

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akeytsu is an unconventional but very powerful and reliable 3D skinning, rigging and animation program developed by Nukeygara from France. It’s focused on the game development market, was built to create large volumes of 3D animation with simple toolset, specially designed by and for animators. It can be regarded as a dapper 3D animation edge tool! A lot of animators who have used akeytsu say it’s efficient and fun.

As a professional program focused on game animations such as 3D rigging and 3D animating, just like Silo, which focuses on 3D modeling, akeytsu is very accurate in its positioning too. And because its designer is a senior animator (Aurélien Charrier), who has a very clear and accurate understanding of the entire workflow and pain points. Its operation and UI are both well optimized for rigging and animation, all kinds of curves can even be displayed directly in the scene without the need for a curve manipulator. Its default framework has templates for Unity and Unreal Engine.

For some popular animation production applications like Blender and Maya, they should learn from akeytsu’s new ideas and improve their workflow of rigging and animation. Because such comprehensive animation software generally only provides the skeleton and constraint mechanism, to produce more complex animation three layers of skeletons at least must be constructed. akeytsu, on the other hand, only requires the user to build the lowest level (i.e., the DEFORM layer). This alone can greatly improve the productivity. In addition, akeytsu can import/export pure animation data in animation mode, and this animation data can be used for animation reuse between different skeletons. Even better, the skeletons with a reusable animation don’t even have to be exactly the same. I think that’s what a lot of animators dream about.

// Key Features //

Feature Description
USER INTERFACE It’s just a whole lot easier to animate in the right environment. What matters is in sight. What’s in sight matters.
INTERACTIVE VIEWPORT Enjoy unimpeded creation and quick posing through direct interaction with your model. It’s straight up fun and saves time.
SPINNER A simple transform widget that adapts to what you do and gives you quick access to what you want.
EASY CONTROLS Spend little time setting up a rig. More animating. IK chains, Reverse Foots and blendshape controls are a few clicks away.
IK-FK SOLVER We keep it simple. Switch seamlessy between FB and IK. Our skeleton rig supports both without hierarchy duplicates.
CYCLE MAKER Speed up your workflow to create cycles from a handful of keys. Iterate on first step, cycle it with our script and mirror changes.
STACKER Fix timings and tweak cycles with ease. Inspired by 2D X-sheets, our stacker lets you manage high volumes of keys efficiently.
TWEEN MACHINE This powerful tool to create breakdowns comes out-of-the box in akeytsu with impeccable integration.

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Packages

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the akeytsu multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

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v20.3.5 44.5 MB


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