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The Car Hacker’s Handbook HD PDF

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Today, cars are more electronized than ever before. The “This Car Runs on Code” report published in the IEEE Spectrum journal indicated: As of 2009, a typical car already contains 100+ processors, 50+ electronic control units, 5000+ meters of cabling and 100 millions of lines of code. That means, along with the more and more close integration between computer systems and vehicles, the security audit is also becoming increasingly important and complicated.
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The Linux Command Line HD PDF

Linux beginners probably encounter problems like this: feel confused and puzzled facing multifarious tutorial books. Considering the quality level of books and the limited energy of individual, we all hope to be able to pick out the best ones. While, most often, we just got the opposite of what we want, or got half the results with twice the effort. Fortunately, The Linux Command Line (TLCL for short) came out. By reading it, we can go less detours and master more key knowledge.
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Eloquent JavaScript, Second Edition HD PDF

Eloquent JavaScript is a free book written by Marijn Haverbeke (a world-class programmer who has accumulated rich experience in web development and is especially influential in the field of JavaScript), which has always been strongly recommended by the father of JavaScript and many JavaScript experts. This Second Edition expanded a lot of new content based on its first Edition (the chapters also increased to 22 from 12).

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The TCP/IP Guide is a complete and detailed guide about TCP/IP protocol, called an encyclopedia type of classic work in the TCP/IP field. It has clear hierarchy and structure, accompanied with a large number of illustrations and tables to aid into its verbal expression, as well as a lot of notes, key points, etc., has extremely strong readability.

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The IDA Pro Book, 1st & 2nd Edition HD PDF download

As the most widely used static disassembly tool, IDA Pro holds an important place in the IT field, but documentations about it have been few or imperfect and not in-depth enough for a very long time. The IDA Pro Book came out with help of the founder of IDA, which perfectly made up for the defects. For now, it can be regarded as the best (most accurate and comprehensive) unofficial guide for the world’s most popular disassembler IDA. Continue reading The IDA Pro Book, 1st & 2nd Edition HD PDF download

Object-Oriented PHP HD PDF download

In my opinion, I just can’t stand any program or web app designed complexly (5000 lines of code should be the ceiling – not the more functions the better). So it is difficult to accept that object-oriented theory makes simple problems systematic, templated or even complicated (please don’t mind my stubborn). But, overall, good things inevitably are good without a doubt in a certain period.
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