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Nmap – #1 edge tool for network scanning

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Nmap (short for Network Mapper) is a free and open-source network security scanner for large networks. It was originally developed by Gordon Lyon (Fyodor Vaskovich) for Linux in 1997, later gradually became one of the most popular network discovery and security auditing tools on multiple operating systems with the participation of many volunteers in the open source community.

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[v2022.3] Burp Suite – Leading software for web security testing

Burp Suite (Burp for short) is a well-known and popular integrated tools platform that is used to perform security penetration tests for web applications (actually it’s more commonly used for hacking activities such as web attacks), written in Java, developed by PortSwigger from United Kingdom.

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L0phtCrack – Best and fastest password audit and recovery tool

The god knows who is using L0phtCrack as a security auditing tool to do the so-called password strength testing or recovery. I conclude that 90% of individuals are using it to violently obtain the passwords itself (through methods of dictionary, brute-force, hybrid attacks, rainbow tables, etc.). Whatever you’s like to use it for, what we just can’t deny is that it’s the most outstanding one in similar software.

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LOIC – Popular network stress testing application

LOIC (short for Low Orbit Ion Cannon) is a free and open-source network/website stress testing tool initially developed by Praetox Technologies (currently maintained by the open source community) with C# in 2014. It’s made for educational purposes only (that’s to say, you should not use this software for illegal or unethical purposes, including activities that give rise to criminal or civil liability), and intended to help server owners develop a “hacker defense” attitude.

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