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BORGChat – Most complete LAN IM application

Now in people's everyday life and work, we can't do without the network, and for network applications, instant messaging software play an important role. If your local area network (LAN) cannot be connected to the public network or not convenient to use ICQ, MSN such kind of IM applications that are already well known to everybody, then please use BORGChat, which can completely replace them perfectly.

SumatraPDF – Small and fast multi-format universal eBook reader

Software's size and function are growing with each passing day, yet those small ones are always welcome by users. Foxit Reader and PDF-XChange Viewer have taken over the market of the bulky Adobe Reader at one time, but they also gradually lost the original lightsome look in the process of commercialization. In this trend, only SumatraPDF is still faithful to its original faith!

TrueCrypt – Only best open-source, on-the-fly disk encryption utility

In order to protect the data security, we have to use some encryption softwares, but in so many such programs, of all, the best one has to be TrueCrypt who satisfies comprehensive functions, strong encryption ability and easy to use these three excellent conditions at the same time!